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The length of the CPC exam prep course is a 21-week class that overs CPC, ICD-10-CM, & HCPCS. During the course there will be 12 quizzes, a Mid-Term exam, and a Final exam.  

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What is the length of the CPC exam prep course? 

No, the coding manuals are a separate purchase. We recommend that you purchase them through AAPC. 

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Are the coding manuals & exam fee included in the tuition for the class? 

Yes, we offer flexible payment options on the the tuition. These payment options can be set up according to each students pay periods. A $35.00 NSF fee will be charged for returned checks. A $25.00 late charge is assessed for payments not received by due date. *The payment options does not cover the coding manuals, the AAPC membership, or the exam fee. 

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Do Medical Coding with Confidence offer payment plans? 
How much does a Certified Medical Coder make?

According to AAPC’s 2017 Salary Survey, the average salary for a CPC was $54,106. Keep in mind that a CPC’s annual salary varies based on location, years of experience, how many credentials held, the employer, and other factors. 

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At Medical Coding with Confidence, we have working relationships with many healthcare systems and temp agencies. We do our best to go to bat for you with job placement once you are become a Certified Medical Coder.

Do Medical Coding with Confidence offer job placement?

At Medical Coding with Confidence, our students have a 75% passing rate on the CPC exam. 

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What is the success rate of students passing the exam?
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