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Which Medical Coding course

is right for you?

Whether you are looking to becoming a certified medical coder or you are a certified medical coder needing a refresher, Medical Coding with Confidence offers a variety of courses to choose from. 
Courses Offered: 

CPC Exam Prep- 80 hours

This is an 80-hour course to prepare you to successfully pass the AAPC CPC® national exam. In this course you learn how to efficiently code real world scenarios accurately and in a timely manner.  The CPC® is the gold standard for medical coding in physician office settings. Upon successfully completing the course and its requirements of attending 80 hours the students will be awarded a certificate of completion from Medical Coding with Confidence becoming then eligible to sit for the AAPC national certification exam.

Medical Coding Exam Review - 20 hours

This is a 20-hour course that lasts 4 consecutive weeks/5 hours per week.  This is an advanced medical coding course that is designed if you were unsuccessful at a previous attempt of AAPC’s CPC exam or you are a certified coder that needs a refresher in specialties that you don’t routinely code. This review course does not have a CEU value.  


Medical Terminology & Anatomy- 10 hours
This is a 10-hour course that lasts 2 consecutive weeks/5 hours per week. In this course you will learn how to understand medical terminology from an anatomical approach. 

CPC Exam Bootcamp- 6 hours

This is a 6-hour/1 day bootcamp that is ideal for experienced coders taking the CPC® exam for the first time, newcomers to the coding industry who have taken an exam preparation course, and those re-taking the CPC exam.

CPC Refresher - 10 hours

This is a 10-hour course that lasts 2 consecutive weeks/5 hours per week designed for seasoned students who went to a coding school but didn't sit for the exam or experienced coders who only code certain specialties and need training with coding unfamiliar specialties.

Private Tutoring

Our Private Tutoring sessions gives you the one-on-one personalized attention that you'll need to succeed. We breakdown the material in a way to make it make sense to you.  During your sessions you will learn, develop, and improve your skills that can be used on the final exam.

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